by Trendafilka

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Started in March of 2016, Trendafilka is a musical exploration of harmony, polyphony, and sisterhood. Ten women perform three, four, and five part songs from Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, and Roma diaspora with their own unique aesthetic and arrangements. Based in New Orleans, LA, Trendafilka performs regularly for a wide variety of audiences, both as a standalone act as well as in collaboration with regional and national artists.


released June 1, 2017

Many thanks to Jennifer Coolidge for the rehearsal space, Augusta Sagnelli and Rush Jagoe for the amazing photography, Steve Richardson for the audio mixing, and to all our friends and family for the undying support - you mean the world to us.



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Trendafilka New Orleans, Louisiana

Ten women exploring our voices in polyphony.

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Track Name: Dragana I Slavei
Dragana sits in a garden,
In a garden, under a wild rosebush,
Embroidering and singing a song.
Above her a nightingale says:
‘C’mon, sing, let’s compete!
If you outsing me,
You can cut off my wings.
If I outsing you,
I will cut off your hair.’

Dragana outsang the nightingale.
The nightingale pleaded with her:
‘Cut my legs,
But do not cut my wings,
I have chicks ready to hatch!’

‘Dearest nightingale, dearest bird,
I don’t want to cut anything,
For me it is enough to boast
That I outsang a nightingale!’
Track Name: Ederlezi
All my friends
are dancing the horo

Dancing the horo,
Celebrating the day.

A Romani day,
Our day

Our day,

All the Roma, dad,
slaughter lambs

But me, poor,
I am sitting apart

All the Roma, dad, dad

All the Roma, oh mama

All the Roma, dad, dad,

All the Roma, mama

They give, Dad,
a lamb for us

All the Roma, dad,
slaughter lambs
Track Name: Satrpialo
Your love burns me so much, like sparks of a fire,
My heart is hanging on a fishing-hook.

Unfortunate me, what has love made of me?

I'll be tortured 'til the day of my death,
But it is a pleasurable torment.
Track Name: Vecherai, Rado
Have supper ready, Rada,
Have Supper ready, Rada, dear,
Go back outside...

I want to ask you,
I want to ask you, dear,
If you have heard...

They’re scolding me
They’re scolding me, Rada,
The whole village

I’ve been going,
I’ve been going, dear,
and I’ve been knocking
I’ve been knocking,

I’ve been knocking,
I’ve been knocking, dear,
On other’s gates.

On other's gates,
On other's gates, Rada,
And on yours.
Track Name: Vdova
A widow went, like a widow, through a valley
With her young son, oh with her child

The widow sat, like a widow rests
With her young son, and they began to talk

'O, son of mine, ah my young son,
Where is your father? Oh, where is my dear one?'
Track Name: Oi Mori Kavale
Oh, kaval, sweet kaval!

Oh, do I hear someone's voice?
Coo to me, dove, coo to me!

Speak to me, talk to me, sweet dove,
Of the upper village, the lower village,
And the tavern by the church,
Oh, sweet kaval!

Oh, what do I hear: are they stealing horses?
Or do I hear them capturing girls?
Is it girls that are being captured?

No, it is not the sound of horse thieving,
Nela is being captured!
Coo to me, tell me sweet dove,
Nela is being captured (to be a bride)!

Oh, sweet kaval, sweet kaval....